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Barbara Jane Deaton
Family Nurse Practitioner
PSALMS Urgent Care Center was formed in April 2010.  Its’ founder, Barbara Deaton realized that Burke County residents were deprived of access to health care on the weekends. Most physician offices close by noon on Fridays and re-open on Mondays. There are no Urgent Care offices located in the area. Residents are forced to go out of the county or go to the ER for medical help. With the introduction of PSALMS Urgent Care into the medical community, the void in access to healthcare should be alleviated.

At PSALMS Urgent Care, we provide care for many of the injuries and illnesses treated in the Emergency Room at a cost even your doctors office can't match. Most of our visits are priced lower than your co-pay for either Urgent Care or the Emergency Room. Our services range from treating injuries to a runny nose. We also take care of chronic problems such as arthritis, hypertension, thyroid problems and much more. Patients can walk in for medical services.  Please see "Price List" for a full list of treatments and charges.

Mission Statement:

To provide Urgent Care services to anyone presenting to the clinic allowing more access during hours that most physician offices are closed.

To provide affordable medical care (often lower than a patient's co-pay for another Urgent Care or Emergency Room visit) for the population of Burke and the surrounding counties. We also provide Family Care to the un-insured, under-insured or anyone else that wants to use us as their Primary Care Physician.
Here we grow again!

We have hired additional staff to meet your growing needs!
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